Amusement Expo International Online Exhibitor Services Guide

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Welcome to Amusement Expo International 2019!
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General Information
Information for the 2019 Expo.
List of Contractors
Official 2019 Amusement Expo International Contractors.
Exhibit Display Rules & Regulations
Display rules and regulations for your booth space at Amusement Expo International 2019.
Exhibitor Regulations
Fully detailed regulations regarding your participation at the 2019 show.
Fire Department Requirements
Specific fire department requirements are utilized at AMUSE.
Non-Exhibiting Supplier Status
Companies who are qualified to exhibit, but are not currently exhibiting at the 2019 Expo.
Updated Union Rules & Jurisdiction
Local Union rates & rules.
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E-Booth Profile
You must fill out your E-Booth Profile so that attendees can find your company and products easily on the show floor. ASAP
Hotel Reservations
Book your rooms NOW for the most discounted price and best availability. ASAP
Innovator Awards Information
Submit your innovative products to be honored at Amusement Expo International 2019. N/A
Innovator Awards Entry Form
Complete this entry form to participate in the 2019 Innovative Awards. 2/01/2019
Promotional/Sponsorship Opportunities
Increase your ROI with sponsorship - available in various packages and locations. N/A
Promotional/Sponsorship Order Form
Complete this form to promote your company at this year's Expo. 2/3/2019
Directory Advertising Form
Participate in on-site sponsorship opportunities. 1/25/2019
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Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Application
You must complete this form if you will be utilizing any other vendor besides Freeman for your booth setup/dismantle. 2/29/2019
Sample Certificate of Insurance
We have provided a sample certificate of insurance for your convenience. N/A
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Audio Visual
Freeman AV
Rent all of your A/V needs including screens, projectors, microphones and sound systems. 2/01/2019
Centerplate, LVCC
The official caterer for the Amusement Expo International. 3/11/2019
Refer to page 125 of the Freeman Exhibitor Services Guide 2/04/2019
National Plant Floral
In-booth floral service may be ordered through National Plant Floral. N/A
Refer to page 133 of the Freeman Exhibitor Services Guide 2/04/2019
Voice & Video
Cox Business
Order Phone and Video Services within your booth. You may also order online at 1/24/2019
Cox Business
Order Hardline Internet within your booth. You may also order online at 1/24/2019
Cox Business
Order Wi-Fi Hotspots to provide wireless internet within your booth. You may also order online at 1/24/2019
SOA Security
SOA can provide your company's booth with increased security. 2/08/2019
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Exhibitor Badge Registration
Register your company personnel today! N/A
CompuLEAD Retrieval
Order lead retrieval services to capture your lead onsite. 1/25/2019
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General Shipping Information
Please read through the general shipping information for Amusement Expo International.
- Advance Shipping Labels
- Direct to Show Shipping Labels
Freeman Marshaling Yard
Directions for your freight delivery provider to the Last Vegas Marshaling Yard.
Target Move-In Schedule
The Target Move-In Schedule will be available in Winter 2018.
Rogers Worldwide
Frequently asked questions regarding shipping inquiries at the 2019 Expo.
Freight Forwarding & Customs Info
Rogers Worldwide
Rogers Worldwide provides international shipping to our exhibitors.
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Online Freeman Services Guide

Freeman Services offer anything from Shipping to carpet to furniture to increase your standard booth space.

Note: When ordering online with Freeman Company, you must create an online account with them direct. Logins are based on the parameters set forth by Freeman Company.