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Amusement Expo International Exhibitor Badge Information

Amusement Expo International Exhibitors MUST be current members of both associations, AAMA and AMOA. Member exhibitors are allowed a specified number of complimentary badges, based on the size of their exhibit, along with 2 additional badges for being a member.

Register Your Booth Personnel Today!

Current 2019 Amusement Expo International Exhibitors will receive a confirmation email with their log in for their badge registration. If you do not have your log in, you must email Kelly Denman at


Exhibitor Badge Allotment

Number of Booths Booth Size Number of Complimentary Badges
1-2 10 x 10 Booths 4 Complimentary Badges
3-4 10 x 10 Booths 8 Complimentary Badges
5-6 10 x 10 Booths 12 Complimentary Badges
7-8 10 x 10 Booths 14 Complimentary Badges
9-10 10 x 10 Booths 18 Complimentary Badges
11+ 10 x 10 Booths 24 Complimentary Badges


Additional exhibitor badges over allotment will be charged at a cost of $35.00 per badge on or before March 16, 2019. Exhibitor badges requested on show-site will be charged $50.00 over allotment.