AEI Welcomes North America’s Largest Location-Based Virtual Reality Conference

Organizers of the VR Arcade Summit unveiled the initial sponsor roster for its upcoming conference, along with some groundbreaking new activities for arcade owners and operators. The VR Arcade Summit, held every year in cooperation with Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas, is North America’s largest conference dedicated to the business of location-based virtual reality entertainment. Over 500 arcade operators, suppliers and developers will join almost 4000 amusement industry attendees to learn about the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the growing out-of-home entertainment industry.

HTC VIVE is this year’s presenting sponsor, marking the first official participation from the world’s leading B2B VR headset manufacturer. In collaboration with arcade management platform Synthesis VR and escape game developer VR Cave, HTC will hold their first VR arcade operator user group. Operators from around the world will convene to learn how to best utilize HTC VIVE products and software to streamline their operations. Executives from HTC, Synthesis VR Cave will be offering insights into their latest product features and will be answering questions from audience members. All current and future operators are welcome to attend.

Another new feature of this year’s VR Arcade Game Summit is the Free Roam Pavilion at the Amusement Expo International trade show. Organizers are constructing a special area dedicated to larger, free roam VR experiences. All new games will be demonstrated, many for the first time ever at a trade show. One of the highlights will be the Synthesis VR arena showcasing high-end PCVR games streaming via Wi-Fi 6e technology to HTC VIVE Focus 3 headsets. This setup brings the highest quality games previously only available with cumbersome and unreliable backpacks.

Operators who attend the Do-It-Yourself Free Roam session will learn how to build their own free roam arenas for a fraction of what it cost just last year. New technology has made it the most affordable way to bring virtual reality experiences to the public. Beyond the price advantages, free roam multiplayer VR is the answer to the isolation problem inherent in early VR arcades, where players would enter a booth by themselves and play for up to an hour. Free roam VR puts all the players together in a shared physical space where they experience the joy of social gameplay.

Sponsoring organization, the American Arcade Machine Association will also present an Industry Standardization Workshop. Arcade operators, distributors, and suppliers will inform a new model to help bring standards to headsets, cables, hygiene, and game operations. These standards will help reduce operational costs for operators, make it easier to cross train employees, and reduce downtime for attractions.

The entire location-based VR ecosystem is invited to attend the VR Arcade Game Summit during Amusement Expo International. Game publishers and developers, real estate developers, amusement operators, entertainment studios, technology providers, and anyone interested in playing a role in this exploding industry is welcome. The VR Game Summit at Amusement Expo will take place at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas March 18th and 19th, 2024, followed by Amusement Expo International at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall March 20-21.