Dave Rosenberg - Charlie Wittmack

Keynote Presentations

Locked on Leadership: Amazing Results in Minimal Time

Are you a frustrated visionary? Can you see where your company needs to go but you can’t quite seem to lead your team there? If these statements sound familiar, you deserve a reboot of your tactical leadership skills.

Dave Rosenberg is an accomplished speaker and noted author of “Locked on Leadership”, the tactical business guide to creating a culture of courage, caring and consistency. As a Naval flight Officer flying F-14’s off the deck of the USS Independence, Dave learned the value of efficient and repeatable systems. Today Dave trains businesses on systems that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and lift production. Certified as a Professional Behavioral Analyst and Professional Driving Forces Analyst, Dave Rosenberg will share how to develop tactical systems that can achieve your strategic goals.

Committed to the Core: Stories from the World Triathlon

Charlie Wittmack is an internationally renowned and award-winning explorer who, in addition to organizing major expeditions for more than two decades, has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations.

Be inspired by his resilience and determination in reaching beyond the impossible – successfully completing the World’s longest triathlon with a destination halfway around the world at the summit of Mount Everest.

Hear about the struggles he faced, from pulmonary and cerebral edema to being hit by a car while cycling across Kazakhstan. At the conclusion of his entire ten-month Journey, Wittmack climbed to the summit of Everest, becoming an international phenomenon and “changing the world of endurance sports forever” (ESPN).